Orpaz Pepper spray holster belt



  • Quick draw as fast as 1.5 seconds - Simply press the button as you bring your hand down and you are ready to defend yourself
  • Safety Clip - to protect you and others from unwanted or accidental pepper spray release
  • Belt - securely fit on your regular or duty belt till 2.25 inch wide
  • Designed to fit any MK-3 type canister or other canisters with the dimensions of 1.4 - 1.6 inches in diameter

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Keep yourself protected at all times! with this Unique Orpaz Pepper Spray Holster

The first feature that makes this OC spray holster so unique is the speed of which you can draw the pepper spray.
As you bring your hand down towards the holster, your fingers stay in their natural position to be aligned with the function of the holster, your thumb and middle finger press and release the holster while your index finger is ready to spray while you bring your hand back up and aim.
with that design there is no extra movements for you to do with your hands and can be ready to aim as fast as 1.5 seconds.

Another Unique feature is the option this Orpaz Pepper Spray Holster has to draw the pepper spray also upwards, let's say your'e already used to draw your pepper spray upwards or wan't to change the drawing style from time to time, this holster gives you the freedom to do it.

For safety, this Orpaz Pepper Spray Holster comes with a safety clip that goes under the spray lever to prevent a mis-spray.
This holster will fit tightly on your belt, and the canister opening can be adjusted to fit tight. fits canisters from 1.4 inches to 1.6 inches in diameter.

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